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The Program

First Year Medicine
An introductory lecture followed by a 2 hour practical session addresses the wide scope of Otolaryngology. This is a hands-on introduction to ENT, head and neck examination skills. Core material is presented through 2 cases in the Human Body Unit of the Med I curriculum, where relevant anatomy, physiology and disease processes are reviewed. Complimentary lectures and labs in relevant Gross and Micro anatomy are provided.

Second Year Medicine
An introductory lecture is given with emphasis on common ENT problems, followed by a 2-hour hands-on session in the ENT clinic. Continuation of core material is provided through 2 cases in the Brain and Behavior Unit. Introduction of the basics and clinical uses of Audiology is provided in a lab setting. Evaluation of ENT examination skills is included in the 2nd year OSCE.

Third Year Medicine
The 1 week clinical rotation will provide an overview of the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery field. The student will be re-introduced to the ENT interview skills, physical examination, audiology, investigations and their interpretations, surgical procedures, and various specialized clinics (Oncology, Balance Disorders, Vioce/Dysphagia).Students will also be actively involved in morning inpatient rounds with the residents, and will have operating room exposure.

Fourth-Year Medicine
Various elective experiences that emphasize the student's particular area of interest can be arranged within the Division of Otolaryngology.

1st and 2nd year electives can be arranged with he undergraduate education coordinator in conjunction with the Med I and Med II electives advisor.


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