Dalhousie University

Mission Statement

The objective of the residency training program of the Division of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery is to achieve the following:

1. To provide adequate facilities for teaching in the basic sciences, clinical and surgical aspects of Otolaryngology.

2. To provide background in the sciences basic to the understanding of otolaryngologic diseases through an organized academic program of seminars, rounds and journal clubs.

3. To provide proper training in medical Otolaryngology disorders through patient exposure on the wards, outpatient clinics, Emergency Department, and Intensive Care Unit.

4. To create a scientific atmosphere by inviting discussion through visiting professor programs, guest lectures, grand rounds, teaching, seminars and journal clubs.

5. To provide the means to develop technical proficiency and surgical skills in Otolaryngologic surgery through supervised exposure in the operating room, minor surgery in the clinics, cadaver surgery in the anatomy laboratory and the temporal bone laboratory.

6. To provide adequate clinical and basic research opportunities.

7. To encourage a multidisciplinary approach to patient management in various areas such as neurotology, Head and Neck oncology and communication disorders and dysphagia.





Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine