Dalhousie University

The Voice & Swallowing Centre

The Voice and Swallowing Centre is a unique facility in Atlantic Canada. It is a multidisciplinary facility based in the Otolaryngology Clinic operated by the division of Otolaryngology of the Capital Health District in partnership with the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Clinic. It includes an otolaryngologist, speech language pathologist, nutritionist and nurse. The Centre is operated as two separate clinics.

One specializes in Voice Management with emphasis on those with voice disorders and those who use their voice professionally (ex. singers, teachers and actors). The Clinic offers technical, diagnostic and voice analysis and suggests therapies, either surgical or medical. Referrals are accepted from medical practitioners, speech language pathologists and music teachers.

The Swallowing clinic specializes in swallowing disorders. The Clinic offers technical diagnostic swallowing analysis to assess the risk of aspiration and to make recommendations for either surgical or medical intervention. Follow up is provided regarding diet changes and compensation to improve swallowing. Referrals are accepted from medical practitioners, speech pathologists and nutritionists.

Both clinics have video recording of examinations for reference and feedback as well as follow up comparisons. The clinics also have access to specialized neurological, radiographic and respiratory consulting services. In addition, they also offer the opportunity for follow up assessments.



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